A common way of life

Each path has its first step. And almost every journey is preceded by something. The wedding day is the first step on a new journey, a journey of common life. And what preceded her? A long series of events. From our acquaintance (or perhaps our birth? Or perhaps the acquaintance of our parents?…), through beautiful times of convergence, full of timidity, excitement, cognition, to the determination of the date of this extraordinary day. Preparation And then it occurred. Preparations for the perfect form of our Read More +

A selection you’ll like

It is necessary to think about many different things when arranging housing, so it is always good to take care to select responsibly and carefully, because otherwise it could happen that you would be able to see unpleasant results that could be a big complication. If you are just picking bulbs for your household and looking for those that are reliable and economical, you should definitely look at our offer because you will find everything you might need, we guarantee it. So you will see Read More +

The question does not matter!

Do you need advice when buying an apartment or car? Or maybe you want to know if this is the job you're visiting right now? Do you have problems in your love life or finances? Or are you simply curious about what awaits you? It does not matter whether your surroundings seem to be a trivial question and do not attach any weight to it, we have an understanding and willingly advise you with everything you can. With our interpretation of tarot you can not Read More +

Don’t listen to neighbors

Do you want to listen to what your neighbors are talking about every day when bathing? We offer you a simple solution. In the reconstruction of residential cores and bathrooms we use plasterboard, one of which is good quality sound insulation. The assembly itself is simple and fast, it does not burden its weight with the bearing structure and it is wholesome.  This not only allows you to protect your privacy, but also a representative look. We will help with pumping Our company Toušek Color Read More +

Take advantage of the best selection

Choose a great help to believe that you will all be satisfied. Only party tents are very good help in the field of use at all events even where you need them. You can choose such an image, shapes and the design itself, depending on how it is needed. They are very convenient to use at every event even where it is important to have protection from the weather and also nice surroundings. Choose the ideal size How do you best help if you please, Read More +

How often do you cook at home?

Can you imagine that you will not change the interiors of your apartment or house until the end of your life? Probably no one expects to live with one equipment for decades, without making a single change. It's no longer a matter of principle. The equipment gets old, worn out, smashed and peeled, it just somehow damages or breaks down. With our rustic kitchen you will cook one poem, you will see that you will enjoy. Can you imagine cooking in the old interior? Whether Read More +

Natural treatment for the return of your femininity

The menopause together. Climacterium If you have visited our website, then you can be sure that your neurovegetative problems, such as sweating, dizziness, palpitations, feelings of fainting, shortness of breath and psychological problems such as depression, changes in sexual behavior, memory disorders and The changes in thinking in your incoming climacterium will be combined. Climacterium Our great natural product will certainly help to avert bodily changes, such as increasing body fat, increasing blood pressure and developing atherosclerosis, and thus increasing the possibility of cardiovascular events. Read More +

Mácha Lake Chalets

Over the years, you have traveled our beautiful little country with a cross of crust, but still some of the famous sites are missing for viewing? One of them is Mácha Lake? Would you like to live on his shores for a few days? You can! Through Mácha's Lake huts! There is nothing easier than to arrange a few days on the shores of our most famous water area, where you can experience a lot of fun and quality rest at the same time. Why Read More +

Accommodation Lodges

Domestic holidays are not "Cinderella", it is possible to relax as well and experience a lot of interesting, as if you go abroad. If you use the offer of accommodation cottage, which is an overview of recreational facilities in the most beautiful corners of the Czech Republic, you will not have anything to complain about. Mojechaty.cz is a holiday server that offers the perfect service to help you arrange a great holiday anywhere in the Czech Republic. The offer of accommodation huts is sufficiently varied Read More +


Everyone may sometimes need to work at large heights. Whether it relates to business or private matters so everyone can become a great helper of our forklift work platforms! Do you live in Olomouc or its wider surroundings? Take advantage of our services, we are here for you! Platforms With us you have a choice-you can rent platforms according to their height, the range of our machines offered is between 8 and 21 meters. Furthermore, you can choose the kind of platforms and the environment Read More +