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About us
COINPLUS BITCOIN LIMITED. is a quite experienced and legally registered company in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. We are a group of the skilled financial professionals having a high level of knowledge and long term practice in the investment field. We have been working as a private fund since several years. Now we have opened our online project offering our projects worldwide.
CR NO.: 10974501
Our firm is rapidly evolving, as it has experience and knowledge of the financial market as well as thanks to the best strategies and innovative solutions. Company's team was formed as a result of long-term trading experience at the largest trading platforms of the world and can deal with any investment task. Our purpose is to accumulate funds, and then diversify those investments to generate profit for the company and our respectful investors. This is done by professionally investing money in three directions, including forex, stocks and crypto-currencies. By diversifying our investments among these three areas, we can minimize the risks, while increasing the profitability for all involved. Nowadays changes in exchange rates concern any business. So us need to protect our funds in order not to lose all our money due to an abrupt change in currency rates. We achieve this aim with certain trading strategies such as hedging currency risks, using leverage, buying put options, selling call options etc. One of the most widespread ways of protecting funds is hedging. Under the conditions of the present global crisis, only Forex allows hedging business risks related to considerable rates fluctuations. Hedging currency risks is actions meant to lessen risks related to volatility of foreign exchange rates. Our traders use key hedging tools such as futures and options. These tools can be applied separately or combined. A wisely chosen strategy increases success chances. A put option gives us an opportunity to sell futures at the time and price convenient for us. When buying a put option, we fix the minimum price so we can profit from a higher price in the future. Hedging currency risks allows our company to protect our funds from undesirable and unpredictable changes in exchange rate dynamics and plan further work. Using leverage, when hedging currency risks, gives for us extra opportunities: allows the company to save significant sums of corporate cash flows and to sell currency that it will receive in the future. Such trading methods allow our specialists to manage investment funds of the company and investors without risk of losing these investment funds. We hope to ensure long-term sustainability by meeting the needs of our investors and offering strong financial services through professionally handled investments. By doing so, we believe we can become one of the leading investment companies in United Kingdom and eventually the world.

Investmant Plans
Due to technical experts and financial managers, the company has entered the investment market, offering its clients favorable conditions of trust management. We are happy to offer you a great number of investment possibilities. Whatever you do choose among our investment offers, it will be the start of your success! So let's proceed directly to our investment offers.

Depending on the result that you want to obtain or concept of your earning strategy Intelligent Investment can offer you three types of investment plans. You can earn on a daily basis or get tangible profits after the end of investment period.

Plan A



$30 - $300
Ref. Commission3%
Instant Withdrawals
Plan B



$300 - $ 3000
Ref. Commission5%
Instant Withdrawals
Plan C



$3000 - $30000
Ref. Commission10%
Instant Withdrawals
Plan D

AFTER 1 Hour


$50 - $500
Ref. Commission3%
Instant Withdrawals
Plan E

AFTER 2 Hours


$500 - $5000
Ref. Commission10%
Instant Withdrawals
Plan F

AFTER 3 Hours


$2000 - $20000
Ref. Commission15%
Instant Withdrawals
Why customers choose
You know all deposit & withdraw are instant here and you can test 30$ from begin! After 1 day you can test withdraw and you will know how it work! For safety consider min withdraw amount is 0.1$ at least! Daily Profits, Instant Deposit & Withdraw, SSL Security, 7*24 Online Support, for all these features, why not choose us?
Professional Services CoinPlusBitcoin support service will answer to every arisen question and will help to solve any problem encountered during registration process or investing.
Official registration CoinPlusBitCoin LIMITED is a company registered and performing its international activities in accordance with the laws of Great Britain and having obtained all necessary documents and licences allowing us to carry out trading and financial activities.
Data Protection Your funds and personal data are under reliable protection - our site conforms to all modern safety requirements, thus we guarantee complete confidentiality.
Our Goal We understand the value of long-term relationships. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor for the next generation and beyond.